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Membership Enrollment – Please Print or Type

Dedham Art Association thanks you for your support! Our art community strives to stay connected and to be accessible to our members, sponsors and supporters. Voluntary contributions to our Community Fund are welcome!


Online enrollment:


Please enclose this form with your membership enrollment check for $25 payable to:


Mail checks and completed form to: Treasurer, Dedham Art Association 31 Channing Road, Dedham, MA 02026
(Note: PayPal also accepted, see below.)

Or email completed form to:

Date: _______________ Name: __________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _____________________________________ Cellphone: ____________________________________ email: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Your website if you have one: ____________________________________________________________________ If you are an artist, what is your medium or mediums? _______________________________________________ How did you hear about the Dedham Art Association? _______________________________________________ Do you give DAA permission to include your phone number in a Members’ List that will
only be available to members? _____Yes _____ No

Please check off areas where you can lend a hand – this helps keep our dues at the same level as last year:

___ Exhibits Publicity

___ Artist Demonstrations
___ Children’s Art
___ Zoom Broadcasts and Video Production
___ Art Outings (e.g., outdoor plein air painting, museums) Membership
___ Refreshments
___ Community Activities

To pay with your PayPal account, the amount is $28 and please use this email address:


©2023 DAA Contact Us:

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