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Exhibit Guidelines as of 6-24-2022

​Please read through, understand, and accept the exhibit guidelines.  We appreciate and thank you for adhering to these guidelines that allow us to showcase your work in the most effective manner​.

Guidelines for the Art:

  • Two-dimensional fine art categories accepted include collage, digital art, drawing, painting, pastel, photography, printmaking or multi-media. Reproductions (e.g., giclée prints) and three-dimensional work (e.g., sculpture, fiber arts, jewelry, ceramics) are not eligible for exhibiting.

  • Artwork for all Dedham Art Association exhibits must be original work by the artist (e.g., from nature, from real life, from the artist’s imagination or the artist’s own photo.) Art created in a class or workshop is not eligible for juried or judged exhibits if the artwork was copied and / or not by the artist’s own hand.

Guidelines for Submission:

  • Juried and/or judged Dedham Art Association exhibits: artwork must not have been exhibited in the last three years in a Dedham Art Association juried and/or judged exhibit. Artwork should have been created within the last five years.

  • Non-juried and/or non-judged Dedham Art Association exhibits: artwork should have been created within the last 10 years.

  • Entries should be unique for the exhibit so that the JPEG / artwork would be part of only one exhibit at a time. Once submitted, the entry is considered complete and cannot be altered.

  • For in-person exhibits the artwork should remain in place for the duration of the exhibit unless special arrangements are made.

  • JPEG entries of your artwork should be 72 ppi with 1200 pixels on the longest side. Save as the best quality. Please send an email to if you need help with JPEGs.

  • Subject matter should be suitable for general audiences.

  • In Person Exhibit: A signed waiver form is required.

  • Finishing and Hanging 

    • All work must be wired for hanging (no saw teeth for hangers.) The wire should be attached to the back between 1/3 and 1/4 of the way down the piece.

    • Paintings: wet paintings will not be accepted; work must be framed except gallery- wrapped canvases which should be finished on all sides with no staples showing.

    • Matted Work: white, off-white mats or muted colors that complement the artwork; inner mats may be colored.

    • No clip frames

    • Wood or metal frames are recommended. Plastic or plaster frames are not recommended because they can’t be securely wired and chip/break easily.

    • Plexiglas or styrene instead of glass is required on work larger than 24” either height or width and optional for work smaller than 24” in either direction.

    • The Dedham Art Association reserves the right to reject work that does not meet the requirements of this policy.

DAA's role:

  • Commission: Dedham Art Association receives 20% commission on sales. For most exhibits, entries may be listed as not for sale (NFS.)

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