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Champs Élysées at Night

 Lily Pond

Artist of the month

Richard Scott

I am now a retired surgeon. I am a self-taught artist and began painting and drawing shortly after I eloped with my wife in 1963 during our Junior year in college. I started out doing abstract paintings and sold them to help make ends meet. I soon decided to try to emulate the impressionists so I could learn their technique. I

painted in oil and used only a pallet knife so that I didn’t have to clean any brushes. Some of my “derivative art” looked pretty good, and we began to put some on the walls of our home. My wife once overheard a dinner guest whisper to her partner “They have a Monet!”

During my busy surgical career and our child raising years, my painting opportunities slowed down, but my interest started up again after retirement. I tried to branch out by using brushes with acrylics and trying different motifs.

I am indebted to the Dedham Art Association for rekindling this interest. Some examples of my more recent work appear in the Dedham Art Association‘s home page.

Richard Scott